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A great trip to Uncle Tom Trail

We just got back from a hike down Uncle Toms Trail at the Canyon Village in Yellowstone National Park.  WOW, 327 steps straight down (do you know that is about 27 stories) and 2000 steps back up.  It is great to see a different prospective of the lower falls.  Make sure you want or can make it back up.  It is truly a workout and not for everyone.  I usually do not recommend this stair master to my guests unless they want a good workout.  I enjoyed it, but I usually give guided information on the Park that offers high value and reward and this offers high expense also!

Come and Enjoy Yellowstone with us!

Greg - Yellowstone Basin Inn


Sabina (my wife) is on the Citizens Working Group which gave recommendations to IBMP (see below) for expanding tolerance and management for the Bison. This has been an ongoing journey for the last year and a half. I believe Citizens Working
Group is making a difference. Thank you, Sabina.
It is great to see the Bison are doing well in the Park (see below).
Greg - Yellowstone Basin Inn

Yellowstone Releases Summer Bison Population Estimate

Yellowstone National Park has completed its annual summer bison population
abundance monitoring.

Three airplane surveys were conducted with a high count of the population
at 4,230 bison. There are approximately 2,600 bison in the Northern herd
and 1,600 in the Central herd this summer. There were about 600
calves-of-the-year observed in a June aerial survey.

This year’s observations represent an increase of nearly 14% over last
year's count. The peak population estimate of 5,000 bison was recorded in
the summer 2005.

The observed rate of population change this past year is within the natural
range of expectation for wild bison.

This population estimate is used to inform adaptive management strategies
under the Interagency Bison Management Plan (IBMP). The IBMP is a
cooperative plan designed to conserve a viable, wild bison population while
minimizing the risk of brucellosis transmission between bison and cattle.

The cooperating agencies operating under the IBMP are the National Park
Service, the U.S. Forest Service, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection
Service, the Montana Department of Livestock, the Montana Department of
Fish, Wildlife and Parks, the InterTribal Buffalo Council, the Confederated
Salish Kootenai Tribes, and the Nez Perce Tribe. More information on the
IBMP can be found at

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Today at breakfast (August 7, 2012)

Today at breakfast we have a exciting event.  A bald eagle was defending his territory and chasing away a immature bald eagle, a raven and a magpie away from his perch. His perch is above the river and affords us a great view.  From the Electric Peak room (where we service our home cooked buffet breakfast) most of our guests were gathered at the window or on the porch watching this event.  We have the spotting scope on the eagle all morning long.  It was great fun and the guests truly enjoyed it!