Archive: March, 2014

Bison, Bison and more Bison…..

WOW, we are having a field day with the bison.  They are out and about roaming our valley freely and it is a joy to watch from our home!!! We had a few bison walk to our bedroom and bathroom windows. The pictures are amazing and one of them is going viral on Yellowstone Basin Inn Facebook (the bison is looking into our bathroom window) and it has 50,000 views in just two days so far.

What a way to wake up, with a bison at your window.


The bison groups are milling about in the southern tip of Paradise Valley. They are waiting for the snow to melt in Yellowstone National Park. Once the grass greens up in Yellowstone National Park they will move back into the Park as they have done for generations. A sure sign of spring is also the arrival of some of the migratory birds. We have already seen Canada geese and sand hill cranes.

It is all in preparation for the Spring, so come join us at the Yellowstone Basin Inn.

Spring (from March to the beginning of June) is the best time to see wildlife even out of the Park. It is amazing to see bison almost everywhere in the Gardiner Basin!