Summer is here at last!!!!

Well it is the end of June and it has been a busy spring.  Summer is here and it getting to be great weather.  Warm days and cool nights.  On the fourth of July we are having a fireworks display right infront of the Inn.  It is alway fun to watch our show with the other shows in the area right from our property.  In Montana there is no restrictions for fireworks.  The have all kinds especially the artillery shells (the kind you see at the park, shot off by professionals).  It is fun for everyone and sometimes dangerious for the shooters. 

The animal sightings in the park are still happening but it is best in the morning hours (say 5:30am till about 9am) and again in the evening (say 6pm till it get dark and you can not see anymore).  It is best when it is cool, that is their active time.

So come and enjoy..

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