What’s new at the Yellowstone Basin Inn for 2012

Wow, we have some really cool new things here at the Yellowstone Basin Inn for 2012:

First of all, we now offer online reservations.  It makes it easier for our guests to make a reservation and check availability any time day or night.

We now offer a place to have small weddings or conferences. With our new Electric Peak room that offers incredible views of Electric Peak and the surrounding ranch lands, we can now accommodate groups up to 30 people.  So, give us a call to get the ball rolling (800-624-3364).

We have new log furniture in our Electric Peak room (our dining room / conference center / wedding room) from Montana Woodworks.  They only use dead standing trees and are made right here in Montana (how cool is that).

We now have a gift store at our reception area.  We are selling Bear Spray (the cheapest price in Gardiner), wildlife photos, bear back scratches, books on Yellowstone and Montana, gourds, and more.

We are implementing a more aggressive recycling program.  We now offer separate recycling bins in each room for the convenience of our guests.

We are replacing our plastic drinking cups with glasses, so that we can wash them and create less recycling and waste.

We are changing our amenities (soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions) with a new organic product called Desert Breeze.  This product is more environmentally and people friendly.

We have new bison fencing all around our property for the protection of our trees.  We love bison and want them to come here, but now instead of rubbing against our trees they can now rub our heavy duty fences.  These fences have been made possible with the help of many conservation groups like the Sierra Club and the Defenders of Wildlife.

We have a new Magpie nest being made here in one of our pine trees between the Inn and the Electric Peak building. It is always entertaining seeing the baby Magpie’s coming out of the nest with short tails.

We continually strive to upgrade the experience of our guests by offering new programs and making the Yellowstone Basin Inn a great place to stay.


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